The non-romanticized truth about the feeble shit going through my head.

Greetings, glad to see you checking out my newly updated website! Recently I've been putting a lot of thought about the whole idea of a website, and started to rethink the purpose of having it. From being a site that functioned more or less as an extended business card where I go nuts on bragging about myself and how good I am etc; To a site that functions more as a small window into my everyday life as a musician and artist. A site that tells the truth, the non-romanticized truth about all that feeble shit that goes through my everyday life. A site where I can post about the thoughts and work behind all the projects. Often what people see when they see a musician is the very tip of an iceberg, what people don't really fully understand is how many hundreds of hours that lie behind every performed minute on stage. I hope that this website can give you an insight about that and of what's up and what's down. 

Last week I just finished the very first tour of our newly formed piano trio LEK together with Swedish violinist Daniel Migdal and Norwegian cellist Frida Fredrikke Waaler Waervågen. The genesis of this project started when I was asked by the Swedish Radio to commision a chamber music piece,  so I discussed this with the guys in the ensemble, and the conclusion was that we've all been crazy interested in collaborating with a musician from another musical background. We thought about different possibilities and came up with the idea to work with the fenomal Swedish jazzsinger, voice artist and composer Sofia Jernberg, an artist whose music I have been enjoying listening to quite a lot the last few years. Gladly she accepted to write a piece for our trio, which she named LEK (hence the name of our trio). I must say it has truly been a interesting journey rehearsing this piece, being forced to improvise (which usually classical musicians tremble upon just hearing the word) and really working on communicating with the audience from another perspective. And to our great joy the piece was recieved with big entusiasm all through the tour as well as the genious Mozart trio and the magnificent Ravel trio that was also performed on the tour. (For all swedish-reading ppl here's the review)  

Anyway the tour ended yesterday, and I planned to go up early so I could get a good day of practising today. But I ended up sleeping till 11.00 and then got stuck on the couch in front of my laptop the whole day except going out the door for some takeaway pizza..... It's been raining aaaall day and I'm feeling blue. Postconcert coma i guess.